4 Tips for Buying your First Neon Sign

You’ve always admired the nostalgic glow of a vintage neon sign and how it adds to the feel of your favorite hang out. Buying one for your man cave, garage or business can be the perfect touch for personalizing and leveling up your space.

Neon signs aren’t a regular purchase for most people. If it’s your first time where do you start? Use this post as a guide for making your best first neon sign purchase. 

Align with your Aesthetic 

What do you want out of your space? If it’s a business such as a bar, consider a classic alcoholic brand your patrons already love. Businesses also may consider creating a custom sign in their colors. 

For a personal space, decide what story you want your sign to tell. What are your personal passions? Is the color scheme important? A neon sign can serve as an anchor piece in your space. 

Is the space masculine, feminine or gender neutral? Neon signs aren’t just for guys in garages anymore. The neon sign trend is ubiquitous on Instagram as lots of millennial women have taken to this trend. 

Decide on your theme and aesthetic first to ensure you’re going to love it. 

Decide on a Budget 

Like most decorative commodities, the cost of a neon sign ranges. Prices typically depend on size, materials, quality of detail and availability. Naturally, custom signs will run you higher. 

A new 36’’ vintage logo sign typically runs in the $300- $1,500 range. Depending on the brand the price could be higher. Classic beer brand neon signs run a little cheaper, typically around $320 on average. 

Signs with less detail and fewer colors can start as low as $50. You also may be able to save by buying a used sign on ebay or at a vintage store. 

Neon signs draw a lot of attention and will be a focal point in the room. Don’t acquiesce and buy something you don’t love to save on budget. 

Consider Voltage and Care 

Consider where you will hang your neon sign. Outside temperature and voltage can affect the lifespan of your sign. A sign with higher voltage may burn brighter but its lifespan may be shorter. With the proper care, neon signs should last up to 15 years. 

Buy from a Neon Sign Retailer 

If you’re looking for a quality sign, buy from a specialized retailer. You can verify the authenticity and quality of your sign. Specialized retailers like Garage Art can also provide a wider selection of vintage and modern signs so you can find your perfect first sign!