6 Ways to Level Up Your Man Cave

The idea of creating your perfect man cave is both exciting and overwhelming. It’s a place that’s uniquely you and the possibilities are endless. Is your man cave vibe modern and sleek? Nostalgic and rugged? Whatever it is you want your space to evoke, we have a few tips on how to level it up. 

1. Decide on a Focal Point 

PIck one or a few items to serve as focal points in your mancave. Every room has a focal point. However, in a man cave it can be more out there and creative than a wall painting or bookcase. At Garage Art, we curate the best vintage and modern neon signs that pack a punch for the perfect focal point for any man cave.

2. Include a Bar 

No man cave is complete without a bar. The type of bar will depend on the size and focus of your man cave. If you’re limited on space then include a bar cart or floating shelves with bottles and glasses. 

Curate your liquor collection with your personal favorites and the stuff your friends love. Make your bar look professional with all the necessary accoutrements such as a nice shaker, solid glasses and bitters. 

3. Textured Walls 

A well done textured wall adds character to any space. For a man cave, some of our favorite wall textures include brick, river rock and reclaimed wood. You can even get wild and make a textured wall out of an unconventional material like  baseball bats or bottle caps. 

4. Unique Gadgets and Decor Items 

Be selective when picking out your decor items. If you’re a collector and the space is meant to sport your model cars or Star Wars action figures, then display them in a way that shows them off! 

If you’re not a collector and need some decorative items to complete your space, then stick to your passions and color schemes. At Garage Art, our customers love our vintage gas pumps for adding an instant nostalgic touch. 

5. Games 

Your man cave should be a place where the guys want to hang out. A way to ensure that is to incorporate games in the room. Which games will depend on the space, budget and vibe. Darts are always a classic. If you have the budget and enough square footage, a pool table, poker table or vintage arcade games will be crowd pleasers. If you are going for a more sophisticated look, a nice chess set will add a classy touch. 

6. Repurposed Goods 

Some of the best man caves repurpose items that flow with the theme of the room. Examples include a Jack Daniels bottle as a soap dispenser, bar stools with baseball bats as legs and even bent wrenches as coat hooks. Your favorite things can provide utility, you just have to get creative. 

Pinterest can serve as inspiration for your repurposed goods project. If you don’t want to do it yourself try Etsy.