How to Choose a Neon Sign for your Business

Neon signs beckon customers to stop by. They’re timeless, fun and welcoming. Depending on your business model and clientele, a neon sign for your business may be the right move to draw in customers or invite them to stay a while. You may go the custom route or go with a stock item that’s on brand. In this post, we’ll walk you through a few tips for choosing the perfect neon sign for your business. 


Neon signs pack a punch. That’s why you don’t want to make a frivolous decision when buying one for your place of business. The most important factors to consider are aesthetic and messaging. Who do you want to attract? What does your business stand for? What caters to the tastes of your prime customer base? 

Once you can answer these questions, you can dive into the specifics like design, materials, colors and price point. 

Neon Sign Designs 

Neon signs are a versatile art form. The design you choose will depend on your budget, space and how much attention you want the sign to draw. One of the most popular and classic designs is the 36’’ circular sign. The 36’’ size draws attention without being obtrusive. You can find a plethora of logos, brands and slogans in the 36’’ design in stock at Garage Art for your business. 

LED lighted signs provide ample illumination to light up a space but are more subdued than a typical neon sign. This design is well suited for garages and race shops as it can easily substitute for an otherwise boring light bulb or lamp. 

Marquee neon signs are perfect for businesses that want to add a touch of nostalgia. These signs capture the old school essence patrons are looking for at diners, cafes or bars. 

Simple neon signs highlighting a word or phrase in one or just a couple colors can make your space instantly Instagrammable. Generate organic social media buzz with an Instagram friendly neon sign. Draw some inspiration from these examples

Neon Sign Colors 

Before purchasing or custom designing a neon sign consider the colors you want. Many design-forward companies maintain a style guide with specific colors, fonts and layouts they use for anything tied to the business. Although many businesses aren’t that specific when it comes to design, you want your sign to be on brand

For example, if I want to purchase a Ford sign but I want it to pop and warm up the room, I may choose this red Mustang sign over a classic blue logo sign.