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Any Color So Long As It’s Black By Michael Irvine


Any Color So Long As It’s Black By Michael Irvine is from his series Building Horsepower.

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Any Color So Long As It’s Black by Michael Irvine

Michael is quoted as saying the following: “When creating a painting and deciding on the subject matter, I try to make a connection between the three main elements — the cars, the setting and the title. I have successfully completed a piece when all three work together. In this painting I chose big block Fords as the subject with a few specifics thrown in just for fun.”- MICHAEL IRVINE


  • Hand Signed And Numbered
  • Embossed With Studio Seal
  • Certificate Of Authenticity
  • 10 Point Satin Finish – Acid Free Stock
  • Only 800 Produced
  • Michael Irvine Fine Art

Building Horsepower Collection Art

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34'' x 21''


Michael Irvine

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