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Customizable Dodge Demon Parking Only Sign – 20″ x 12″


Customizable Dodge “Demon Parking Only” sign. Sign measures – 20″ X 12″ and is made from heavy gauge steel.

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Customizable Dodge “Demon Parking Only” Sign – 20″ X 12″

The Customizable Dodge “Demon Parking Only” sign is a striking piece of personalized décor that brings the fierce spirit of the Dodge Demon right into your space. Measuring an impactful 20 inches by 12 inches, this sign is designed to command attention and proclaim ownership of a parking space with a level of customization that is unique to each owner.

Crafted with the Dodge enthusiast in mind, the sign features a bold, white background that creates a stark contrast with the black and red lettering and the Demon emblem. The top of the sign bears the Dodge logo, its unmistakable typography in black with a red slash, immediately setting a tone of authority and performance.

The centerpiece of the sign is the Dodge Demon logo, rendered in meticulous detail. The Demon’s aggressive and stylized features are highlighted in black and red, conveying a sense of power and daring that the car itself embodies. The logo is not just an image; it’s a statement, representing one of the most powerful production cars ever made by Dodge.

Directly below the Demon logo, the sign offers a customizable text space where owners can have their name, nickname, or any chosen text added. 18 character limit.  This personal touch turns the sign into a personalized emblem, showcasing not just the owner’s vehicle preference but also their personal brand. This customization makes the sign a perfect gift or a personal purchase, allowing for a bespoke piece of automotive art.

The text “PARKING ONLY” is prominently displayed, ensuring the message is clear: this space is reserved for the vaunted Dodge Demon. Adding to the exclusivity and a hint of humor, the sign warns that “ALL OTHERS WILL BE CRUSHED AND RECYCLED,” a playful yet clear indication that the parking space is reserved for the extraordinary.

To personalize this sign, customers can specify their custom text at the time of ordering. The personalization process is designed to be seamless, ensuring that the finished product is a perfect match for the customer’s specifications. The sign is constructed from durable materials to withstand various elements, be it hanging proudly in a garage, a business, or at a car show.

The Customizable Dodge “Demon Parking Only” sign is more than just a parking indicator; it’s a piece of personal pride, a marker of one’s passion for the power and legend of the Dodge Demon, and a reflection of one’s individuality. Whether you’re marking your territory at home or at the office, this sign is the perfect way to showcase your devotion to one of the pinnacles of automotive performance.


  • Contains Holes for Easy Mounting
  • Made from 14 Gauge Heavy Duty Steel
  • Flat not Embossed
  • Made in USA!
  • Official Dodge Licensed Product
  • Available Size: 20″ X 12″

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 21 × 21 in
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