Drink Nesbitt’s Soda Sign


This nostalgic marketing sign from the world famous Nesbitt’s Soda company really shows the artistry that went into the design back in the day. The sign comes in two sizes. Show off your California pride with a sign from Nesbitt’s in your garage or home decor!

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Drink Nesbitt’s Soda Orange California Sign

The vibrant advertisement of this Nesbitt’s Soda Orange California sign captures the essence of a classic American beverage with a splash of West Coast sunshine. The sign showcases “Nesbitt’s,” in elegant, cursive lettering, a name synonymous with refreshing citrus flavor. Below, “California Orange” stands out in bold, capital letters, hinting at the drink’s sunny origins and the ripe, juicy oranges likely squeezed to perfection to create this fizzy delight. Central to the design, a tall, slender bottle adorned with the same bright orange hue as the drink it contains dominates the space.

It’s wrapped in a label that bears the Nesbitt’s logo, its colors popping against the black backdrop that serves to accentuate the warm tones of the image. The bottom of the sign proudly notes the year 1938, anchoring the drink in a bygone era of soda fountain shops and endless summers.

Furthermore, the overall aesthetic carries a nostalgic air, reminiscent of times when a cold soda was a treat to be savored, and brands like Nesbitt’s were household names. This piece of marketing is not just an invitation to taste but a call to step back in time and enjoy the simple pleasures, like a bottle of California Orange soda, chilled to perfection and fizzing with anticipation.


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Drink Nesbitt's Soda Orange California Sign

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16" x 24", 24" x 36"



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