Hap Arnolds Bomber Command Cafe


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Hap Arnolds Bomber Command Café by Larry Grossman. Highly detailed and lots of color. This print you could look at a number of times and not see the same thing. Bomber Café a cool place, but who the heck is Hap Arnold you ask? Only the Commanding General of the whole dang Army Air Force during World War II. So the fact that Hap’s got an awesome B-17 Bomber mounted on the roof of his 1940’s style cafe should come as no surprise …or so I reasoned when I created this picture! The scene is of a Fourth of July Car Show with some extremely cool cars on display, including Tommy Ivo’s legendary four-engine Dragster; a full-blown ’64 Dodge Muscle Cop Car; a bad-ass Hog Chopper; a chopped Merc lead-sled; a straight-axle ’64 Chavelle gasser; a classic ’59 Vette; Stone Woods & Cook’s famous ’40 Willys gasser …and jeez, there’s even a kid toolin’ around in a pint-sized Plymouth pedal car! And of course there’s a bevy of beautiful babes and cool dudes to complete the scene. This print is signed dated and numbered by artist Larry Grossman.

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