Double Sided Personalized Sign Dad’s Motorcycle Repair Shop


Double Sided 14 inch x 24 inch Motorcycle Metal sign with the name and town of your choice. Complete with chains and powder coated black metal hanger


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Double Sided Personalized Sign Dad’s Motorcycle Repair Shop

This double-sided personalized sign presents a delightful mix of vintage charm and playful wit, tailored for a motorcycle enthusiast with a penchant for classic aesthetics. The sign itself boasts a rustic, weathered look, with its round shape mimicking the appearance of aged metal, hinting at years of exposure to the elements, which lends it an air of authenticity and nostalgia. At its core is the silhouette of a classic motorcycle, depicted in monochrome, its intricate details and timeless design capturing the essence of motorcycling heritage. This vehicle, possibly a nod to the iconic motorcycles of the early 20th century, serves as the focal point against a backdrop that suggests a worn patina, adding character and a sense of history.

Emblazoned across the top, in bold, distressed typography that complements the sign’s vintage feel, are the words “DAD’S MOTORCYCLE & REPAIR,” clearly a personalized touch that transforms this item into a bespoke piece, perhaps intended for a garage, workshop, or a dedicated space for a motorcycle enthusiast. The customization offers a dual sense of ownership and a tribute, possibly to a family tradition or a personal passion for motorcycle maintenance and the joy of the open road.

Below the central image, a humorous and laid-back phrase “OPEN WHEN WE’RE HERE CLOSED WHEN WE AIN’T” stretches across, its casual tone suggesting a friendly, down-to-earth business approach, or perhaps just a playful nod to the relaxed nature of a hobbyist’s schedule. The addition of “ANYWHERE U.S.A.” at the bottom anchors the sign in a quintessentially American context, evoking the spirit of freedom and the vast, open roads that crisscross the American landscape.

The sign’s design, with its deliberate scratches and markings, does not just tell a story of a love for motorcycles; it also evokes a sense of place and time, where craftsmanship and a do-it-yourself ethic are cherished. It’s easy to imagine this sign swinging above the entrance to a warmly-lit, oil-scented workshop, where every tool has its place, and stories of the road are shared with every tune-up and tire change. This is not just a sign; it’s an emblem of a lifestyle, a statement of identity, and a beacon for kindred spirits who share a love for the rumble of an engine and the freedom of two wheels.


  • Measures 14″ x 24″
  • Type: Double Sided Metal
  • Is made to oder
  • Made in USA

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Dad's Motorcycle Repair Shop Double Sided Personalized Sign What a Great Gift Idea

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14'' x 24''

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