The Best Vintage Signs for Your Garage

Two tips we emphasize for designing the best man cave are pick a focal point and incorporate thematic decorative items. Vintage signs either prints, metal or neon can serve both purposes. 

Vintage signage works in almost any man cave. Even for the sleek, modern bachelor pad, tastefully placed vintage pieces can add texture and personalize the space. 

At Garage Art, we have over twelve years of experience selling thousands of vintage signs to our customers. Here are just a few of our favorites: 

Ford Mustang: Greatest Car of 1969

Nothing screams Americana more than the Ford Mustang. The 1969 remodel year added more “heft” to the body and many Ford enthusiasts think of it as the hallmark iteration of the car. In 1969 Ford also introduced three distinct varieties of the Mustang, the Mach 1, Boss 302 and Boss  429. The Boss models were built to conform to Trans AM rules and garnered fame on the track and streets. 

Pay homage to the 1969 Ford Mustang with a print of the Boss 302 or a sleek Mustang logo neon clock

Chevrolet Chevelle Muscle Car 

The Chevy Chevelle’s production run from 1964 through 1977 reflects the pinnacle era of the American muscle car. Yearly design modifications reflected evolving tastes and desires of muscle car drivers. It was Chevy’s start in the battle of great American muscle cars. Sporting a relatively conservative design, the Chevelle is pure no nonsense horsepower. 

1969 was a bastion of the American muscle car. Arguably, the 1969 COPO Chevelle was the most sought-after and powerful Chevelle model. GM fans will love our Chevelle dream garage neon sign to don the walls of their very own dream garages. 

Ford Shelby Cobra 

The Ford Shelby Cobra was born out of pure love for racing. It tells a story of great American entrepreneurship and ingenuity. Carroll Shelby dreamed of building his own sports car even before embarking on his prolific racing career. In 1961, AC Cars in England announced they would stop production of their AC Ace Model due to obsolescence of the Bristol six cylinder engines.

Shelby saw this as an opportunity to marry the nimble body of the British AC car with the powerful American V8 engine. With the help of Ford Motor Company, Shelby took an engineless AC car and powered it with Ford’s 260 engine and the first Shelby Cobra was born in 1962. 

Racing fans and Ford fanatics will instantly level up their garages with the Ford Cobra classic neon sign