#1 Team Finger in Red & Gold


This #1 Team Finger in Gold & Red is a staple at all sporting events! Size is 10 x 20

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The #1 Team Finger Red Gold sign, crafted from sturdy metal, exudes an unmistakable aura of vibrant fandom and unwavering team loyalty. This bold sign, shaped like an iconic foam finger, is a powerful symbol in the world of sports and events, commonly associated with dedicated supporters cheering for their favorite teams. Embellished with the statements “#1 FAN” and “#1 TEAM,” it underscores the dedication and enthusiasm of a top supporter. This is the perfect team finger sign for that all out sports enthusiast who loves to represent their team.

#1 Team Finger Red Gold

The rich red and gold hues of the sign radiate energy and passion, ensuring that it stands out in any setting. What elevates this piece further is its intricate plasma-cut design, allowing for crisp edges and meticulous detailing. This method of cutting, which uses a plasma torch to carve through metal, lends the sign an artisanal touch. Whether showcased in a man cave, sports bar, or any fan-centric space, this sign acts as a beacon of pride and camaraderie, uniting like-minded enthusiasts under a banner of shared passion and celebration.

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