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1935 San Sebastian Mural


We hand stitched this 1935 San Sebastian Mural of the Gran Premio de España IX Circuito Automovilista 1935. All of our giclee printed canvas in the USA using a heavy duty close woven canvas and a giclee printing process where the image is sprayed onto the canvas for a high quality durable finish… View the Giclee Printed Canvas

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1935 San Sebastian Mural

The 1935 San Sebastian mural is a striking piece of artwork that captures the exhilarating spirit of the Grand Prix de España held on the 22nd of September, 1935. This stunning visual piece is more than just a decoration; it is a historical narrative of the racing culture of the 1930s, encapsulated within a rich tapestry of color and design.

The mural is dominated by the close-up of a determined driver, clad in a racing helmet and goggles, vividly capturing the intense focus and raw courage required in the high-stakes world of auto racing. The driver’s face is partly obscured, a nod to the anonymity and universal appeal of the racing heroes of the era. This powerful imagery serves as the focal point, immediately drawing the viewer into the action-packed world of 1930s motor racing.

Gran Premio de España IX Circuito Automovilista 1935

In the background, the picturesque coastline of San Sebastian provides a serene and contrasting backdrop to the high-octane foreground. The stylized representation of the ocean, cliffs, and sky in shades of blue, orange, and white convey a sense of speed and motion, mirroring the fast-paced nature of the race itself. The inclusion of sailboats gently cruising on the water adds a touch of tranquility and leisure, reflecting the dual character of San Sebastian as both a bustling racing locale and a peaceful seaside retreat.

The bold, capitalized lettering at the top, “SAN SEBASTIAN,” immediately identifies the location, while the text below details the event as the “X Gran Premio de España,” marking the 10th edition of the Spanish Grand Prix. The choice of typography, with its sharp angles and block style, complements the era’s Art Deco influences, popular in design and architecture at the time.

This mural is a valuable collector’s item, ideal for aficionados of racing history, vintage art enthusiasts, or those drawn to the Art Deco era. It would lend a sense of drama and historical richness to any space, serving as a conversation starter and a statement piece. The 1935 San Sebastian mural is not just a piece of art; it’s a window into the past, a celebration of the racing legacy, and a testament to the timeless allure of the Grand Prix.

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