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1952 Cadours Mural


We hand stitch this 1952 Cadours Mural. All of our giclee printed canvas in the USA using a heavy duty close woven canvas and a giclee printing process where the image is sprayed onto the canvas for a high quality durable finish… View the Giclee Printed Canvas

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1952 Cadours Mural

This exquisite 1952 Cadours mural captures the essence and excitement of the early days of motor racing, offering a vibrant homage to the golden age of the automobile and motorcycle racing. The mural, measuring a significant presence on any wall, depicts the 4th Circuit International of Cadours, a race held under the patronage of the French newspaper La Dépêche.

At first glance, the mural bursts with dynamic energy, portraying the iconic racing scene in a striking palette of primary colors – the rich blues, vivid reds, and bright yellows create a sense of speed and motion that is almost tangible. The central focus is on car number 32, a classic open-wheel race car in a deep shade of blue, that appears to be speeding towards the viewer, its wheels almost blurring into the track. Its sleek design and prominent placement on the mural reflect the design sensibilities of the era and the importance of style in the racing world.

The competing car, number 16, trails closely behind in a fiery red, capturing the intense rivalry and competitive spirit of the races. The cars are rendered with a level of detail that speaks to the craftsmanship and engineering prowess of the time, with visible spokes on the wheels and the drivers’ focused expressions peeking from behind the steering wheels.

Above the cars, the date “14 Septembre 1952” is prominently displayed, anchoring the piece in a specific moment in history and inviting the viewer to imagine the roar of the engines and the cheers of the spectators from that day. The text “Cadours” arches over the top in bold, block letters, reminiscent of the marquees and signage that would have adorned the race tracks.

The lower third of the mural is dedicated to the event details, set against a warm, orange backdrop that ensures immediate visibility and lends a sense of urgency and importance to the information. It declares the event as the “4th Circuit International Automobile & Motocycliste,” signaling the inclusion of both cars and motorcycles in the races, a common practice at many racing events of the time.

The sponsorship by “La Dépêche” is also noted, a nod to the close relationship between media outlets and sporting events, both for promotional purposes and as a reflection of the cultural significance of motor racing in post-war Europe.

Crafted with a keen eye for detail and a flair for drama, this mural is more than a piece of decor; it is a historical artifact and a celebration of a bygone era of racing. It would serve as a stunning focal point in any space, especially for enthusiasts of motor sports history, vintage art aficionados, or collectors of mid-century memorabilia. The 1952 Cadours mural is not just a visual spectacle; it’s a portal to the past, revving up the nostalgia and the age-old human passion for speed and competition.



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25'' x 38''

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