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1967 Corvette Sting Ray Big Block Art Print


1967 Corvette Big Block by Thom SanSoucie. Measures 11″ x 17″. Such amazing detail on these Sansoucie prints.

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1967 Corvette Sting Ray Big Block Art Print

The 1967 Corvette Big Block Art Print by Thom Sansoucie is a celebration of automotive excellence and an era of iconic American muscle. This exquisite art print captures the raw energy and timeless elegance of the 1967 Corvette, known for its powerful big block engine that enthusiasts and collectors revere.


  • Measures 11″ x 17″
  • Made in USA

Rendered in striking detail by the skilled hand of Thom Sansoucie, a well-known automotive artist, this print is not just an illustration but a piece of history. Each line and curve is meticulously designed to reflect the precision engineering of the original model. The Corvette’s signature sleek profile and aggressive stance are front and center, evoking the thrill of the open road and the roar of the high-performance V8 engine under the hood.

The Corvette’s Legend Lives On In Art

The artistry of the 1967 Corvette Big Block Art Print is evident in the careful attention to detail. From the gleaming chrome bumpers and distinctive side exhaust pipes to the muscular contours of the hood that hint at the power within, Sansoucie’s work is a testament to the beauty of this classic American sports car. The car’s lustrous finish appears almost tangible, as if you could reach out and feel the cool touch of its storied bodywork.

This print is more than a mere image; it’s a tribute to the 1967 Corvette’s storied legacy. Sansoucie’s choice of monochromatic tones emphasizes the timeless nature of the Corvette, suggesting that such beauty and power are not bound by the era in which they were born but are celebrated throughout the ages. The backdrop of the Comet Drive-In adds a touch of nostalgia, placing this mechanical masterpiece in its natural habitat—a time when driving was an experience, not just a means to an end.

For the collector, the enthusiast, or the lover of fine art, the 1967 Corvette Big Block Art Print is a must-have. It’s a conversation piece that brings a sense of motion and life to any room it graces. Whether framed in a home office, a garage, or a living room, it stands as a bold statement of one’s appreciation for the golden age of American automotive design and the enduring legacy of the Corvette brand.

This art print is not just artwork; it’s an homage to the 1967 Corvette Big Block, a vehicle that embodies the spirit of American ingenuity and performance. Owning this print means holding a piece of Americana—a symbol of the pursuit of perfection and the relentless drive towards the horizon.

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11'' x 17''


Thom Sansoucie



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