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Texaco Hexagon Metal Sign – 24″


This is a vintage-style Texaco metal sign, predominantly featuring the iconic red, white, and black color scheme. It’s a hexagon-shaped sign with a bold, black “TEXACO” inscription in a sans-serif font that dominates the center. Below the brand name, there’s the recognizable Texaco logo with a white star and a red “T” in the middle, all encircled by a white border. The sign’s edge is bordered in red, creating a striking contrast that enhances its retro aesthetic. Measuring 24 inches at its widest point, the sign exudes a classic Americana vibe, reminiscent of mid-20th-century gas stations and the golden age of the American automobile industry. It’s a piece that would appeal to collectors of memorabilia or anyone looking to add a touch of vintage charm to their decor.

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Texaco Hexagon Metal Sign

The Texaco Hexagon Metal Sign is a quintessential emblem of Americana, capturing the spirit of a bygone era where the brand was a staple along American roadways. This collectible sign, spanning 24 inches across, is crafted in a hexagonal shape, a nod to the distinctive architecture of historical Texaco service stations. The stark, contrasting hues of red and white draw the eye, with the outermost edge dipped in a vibrant red that frames the entire piece.

Texaco Hexagon Metal Sign

Central to the design is the bold, black lettering spelling out “TEXACO,” set against a pristine white background, each letter standing out with a clean, modernist style that harkens back to the mid-20th century. Beneath this, the traditional Texaco star logo anchors the design, featuring a bright red “T” against a white star, encircled by a golden border, symbolizing quality and trust.

A Staple in Americana From A Bygone Era

The sign’s metal construction suggests durability and longevity, much like the legacy of the Texaco brand itself. The craftsmanship speaks to a time when attention to detail and pride in brand identity were paramount. This piece of memorabilia is not merely a sign but a slice of history, perfect for enhancing the ambiance of a themed diner, a retro-inspired game room, or the garage of a classic car enthusiast.

Its visual appeal lies in its simplicity and the evocation of nostalgia, making the Texaco Hexagon Metal Sign a cherished item for collectors and enthusiasts of the era’s cultural artifacts.


  • 24″ embossed metal with a nice gloss shine.
  • Type: Metal
  • Made in USA

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