46″ Chrysler Plymouth Neon Sign


46″ Chrysler Plymouth Neon Sign is made to order and hand made in the USA with the highest quality materials. If residential or business (fork lift or loading dock).

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46″ Chrysler Plymouth Neon Sign

The Chrysler Plymouth neon sign is a vibrant emblem of automotive history, exuding a nostalgic charm that immediately transports one back to an era when automobiles were not just machines but symbols of status and freedom. Set against a dark backdrop, the sign stands out prominently, making it impossible to miss or ignore. Dominated by rich hues of blue, red, and yellow, the sign manages to encapsulate the spirit of the classic American road in its radiant glow.

The cerulean blue, forming the outermost boundary, is reminiscent of the open skies one would encounter on a long drive through the vast American highways. This shade of blue, often associated with depth and stability, represents the trustworthiness and reliability of the Chrysler Plymouth brand. Encircling the words “Chrysler” and “Plymouth,” this color emphasizes the brand’s commitment to quality and its legacy in the automobile industry.

Inside this blue ring, striking vertical red and white stripes immediately catch the eye. The stripes are symbolic of the American flag, subtly echoing a sense of national pride and the brand’s deep-rooted connection to its homeland. This connection is further emphasized by the word “Approved Service” which is illuminated in a blazing red, reassuring customers of the brand’s dedication to excellent service standards.

The word “Plymouth” is written in a gleaming yellow, a color often linked with optimism and clarity. Its position at the bottom of the sign gives it a grounding effect, indicating that while Chrysler is the overarching brand, Plymouth has its unique identity and significance. The juxtaposition of these colors – the stability of blue, the passion of red, and the optimism of yellow – creates a harmonious balance, capturing the essence of the brand’s identity.

In its entirety, the Chrysler Plymouth neon sign is more than just a branding tool. It’s a piece of history, a beacon for automobile enthusiasts, and a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy in the world of cars. Through its colors and verbiage, it tells a story of trust, commitment, and the great American dream.


  • Made in the USA
  • Made by Hand
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