Barber Mugs Vintage Sign





From the Barber Shop and Shoe Shine Memories licensed collection, this Barber Mugs Vintage Metal Sign measures 12 inches by 18 inches and weighs in at 2 lb(s). Collectors refer to these original hanging paper posters as MUG Sheets, and for Shaving Mug Collectors they are the most coveted & sought after form of advertising you can find, if you could find an affordable one! The original sheet was rolled paper with metal hanger from the August Kerns Barber Supply in Saint Louis showing their 1898 styles for Barber Chairs and Occupational Shaving Mugs. Rarity was intensified from the fact these were thrown away once the next years models arrived from the barber supply house. So this retro sign is a perfect way to afford a super rare mug sheet! & save 4 grand $$ Enjoy! This Vintage Metal Sign is hand made in the USA using heavy gauge American steel.


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