Blue Flash Gas Attendant Vintage Sign


Unique die cut shaped Blue Flash Gas Sign. Made from heavy gauge metal, measures 36 inches x 18 inches with predrilled mounting holes. Incredible coloring and rustic style will give the walls the vintage gas look you are going for. Also available in clean, satin style. The original marketer of ‘Solenized’ gasoline was Cleveland, Ohio based Pocahontas Oil Company, that marketed under the ‘Blue Flash’ brandname. Blue Flash Gasoline became ‘Solvenized Blue Flash,’ and a cartoon character, ‘Dirty Dan the Carbon Man’ accompanied advertising of the new product, combined with the slogan Chases Carbon.’ Pocahontas Oil had sold out to Hickock Oil Company (Hi-Speed) by 1938, and although Hickock did not actively advertise it’s gasolines as ‘Solvenized’ (they preferred ‘Ex-Carbon), the Pure Oil Company, majority owner of Hickock Oil did adopt the ‘Solvenized’ process. As a result, Purol Pep and companion product Woco-Pep (in the Southeast) were advertised as ‘Solvenized’ although globes denoting this additive are very rare.

This sign is manufactured to order, please allow additional time for production and delivery.

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