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Vintage Style Big Boy Server Metal Sign. Made from heavy gauge metal and drilled for hanging. The perfect diner sign to add a vintage touch to your restaurant.

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Big Boy was started as Bob’s Pantry in 1936 in California. The restaurant became known as ‘Bob’s, Home of the Big Boy Hamburger’ then as Bob’s Big Boy. The chain is best known for its trademark chubby boy in red-and-white checkered overalls holding a Big Boy cheeseburger.

Bob’s Big Boy is a classic American restaurant chain that has been a beloved part of American culinary history for decades. One of the most iconic elements associated with Bob’s Big Boy is undoubtedly the towering and unmistakable Bob’s Big Boy sign. This sign is not just a piece of advertising; it’s a symbol of nostalgia, comfort food, and a simpler time in American dining.

The Bob’s Big Boy sign typically features a larger-than-life fiberglass statue of the character known as “Big Boy.” Big Boy is a chubby, cheerful, and perpetually grinning boy with red-checkered overalls and a pompadour hairstyle. This iconic character has been the face of the restaurant since its inception in the 1930s, and his presence atop the sign has become synonymous with the brand.

The sign itself is a masterpiece of mid-century design. Standing tall and proud, often reaching heights of 7 to 10 feet or more, it’s a beacon that draws hungry patrons from afar. The sign’s design combines elements of nostalgia and Americana, capturing the essence of a bygone era. With its retro fonts, neon lights, and the ever-smiling Big Boy, it exudes a sense of warmth and friendliness that invites diners to step inside and enjoy a hearty meal.

One of the most enchanting features of the Bob’s Big Boy sign, like the one used in Riverside Drive for instance, is its use of neon lighting. Neon tubing outlines Big Boy’s form, giving him a radiant glow that makes him truly stand out against the night sky. The bright reds, blues, and yellows of the sign’s neon lights not only illuminate the surroundings but also evoke a sense of excitement and anticipation. For generations, families and friends have gathered under the comforting glow of this sign to enjoy burgers, shakes, and fries while creating lasting memories.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Bob’s Big Boy sign holds a special place in the hearts of many classic car show enthusiasts because it represents a piece of American pop culture. This sign has been featured in numerous films, television shows, and advertisements, further cementing its status as an icon. It’s a symbol of a time when diners were the go-to hangout spots for teenagers and families alike, and it continues to remind us of the enduring popularity of classic American comfort food.

In recent years, the preservation of the Bob’s Big Boy sign has become a priority for both the company and nostalgic enthusiasts. Efforts have been made to restore and maintain these iconic signs, ensuring that they continue to light up the night and beckon hungry diners for generations to come. These signs are more than just advertising; they are a testament to the enduring charm and appeal of Bob’s Big Boy and the timeless joy of sharing a meal with loved ones under the watchful gaze of Big Boy himself.


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