Coke Sprite Boy 5 Cents Sign


Coca Cola advertising tin sign. Drink Coca Cola Delicious and Refreshing.

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Coke Sprite Boy 5 Cents Sign

This Coke Sprite Boy 5 Cents Sign is a true collector’s item. The vintage advertisement sign features the iconic Sprite Boy, a character associated with Coca-Cola during the mid-20th century. This character, sporting a mischievous grin and a cap fashioned from a Coca-Cola bottle top, peeks out from behind a classic contour bottle of Coca-Cola. The bottle’s glossy surface reflects light, emphasizing its trademark curves, and it bears the distinctive Coca-Cola script logo. Below the Sprite Boy, the text proclaims the product as “Delicious Refreshing” and reminds viewers of its availability “IN BOTTLES,” catering to a time when bottled sodas were a popular choice over fountain services.

This particular sign includes a notable price point of “5¢”, highlighting the era’s economic context where a nickel could grant one the pleasure of a refreshing soda. The Sprite Boy’s image, with his cheeky, inviting expression and elfin features, suggests a sense of whimsy and fun, qualities that the brand aimed to associate with its beverage. The color palette is vibrant, with the red of the Coca-Cola logo drawing the eye and creating a striking contrast against the darker tones of the bottle and the character’s green cap.

The artwork on this sign harks back to a period of Americana where such signs were commonplace in diners, soda fountains, and on the sides of delivery trucks, evoking a sense of nostalgia for simpler times. The use of such characters in advertising was a strategy to personify the brand, making it more relatable and endearing to consumers. The Sprite Boy, while no longer an active part of Coca-Cola’s marketing, remains an enduring piece of the company’s rich advertising history, representing a time when branding was as much about creating a connection through characters as it was about promoting a product.

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