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Dodge Hellcat SRT Parking Only Steel Sign – 20″ X 12″


Dodge Hellcat SRT Parking Only Steel Sign – Made in USA

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Dodge Hellcat SRT Parking Only Steel Sign – 20″ X 12″

The Dodge “Hellcat SRT Parking Only” sign is an audacious emblem of exclusivity and automotive passion that serves as a beacon for devotees of the esteemed Dodge Hellcat SRT. This sign, with its commanding presence, is not merely a marker for a parking spot but a tribute to the legacy and excitement that the Hellcat SRT represents.

Standing at a prominent display size, the sign captures immediate attention through its high-contrast color scheme. The stark white foundation provides a perfect canvas for the dynamic interplay of black and red graphics that are synonymous with the Dodge brand’s powerful identity.

All Others Will Be Crushed & Recycled

At the forefront is the Dodge logo, rendered in black with a red slash, a hallmark of vehicular excellence. The logo sets the stage for the centerpiece of the sign – the formidable Hellcat emblem. The Hellcat, a symbol of unbridled strength and performance, is depicted in a sleek, modern design that conveys motion and ferocity, mirroring the spirit of the Hellcat SRT itself.

Directly beneath this striking imagery, “SRT” is emblazoned in bold, black lettering, further signifying the special designation of the parking space. SRT, which stands for Street and Racing Technology, is Dodge’s high-performance automobile group, and the letters themselves communicate a sense of speed and engineering prowess.

The message “PARKING ONLY” is clearly stated, asserting the exclusive nature of the space reserved for the Hellcat SRT. This directive is reinforced by two arrows pointing inward, denoting the precise location intended for the revered vehicle.

To complete the sign, a playful yet assertive warning reads, “ALL OTHERS WILL BE CRUSHED AND RECYCLED,” which not only injects humor into the sign but also emphasizes the revered status of the Hellcat SRT. It’s a cheeky nod to the power hierarchy on the road and in the parking lot, where the Hellcat reigns supreme.

Durability is key in the construction of this sign, ensuring it will maintain its striking appearance whether displayed inside a garage sanctuary or in the elements outdoors. The sign is designed for easy installation, ready to be affixed to a variety of surfaces, making it adaptable to numerous environments.

For collectors, Dodge Hellcat SRT owners, or muscle car aficionados, this sign is a statement piece that encapsulates the thrill of high-performance automotive culture. It is a declaration of allegiance to the Dodge SRT brand and a distinctive way to showcase one’s dedication to the craft of American muscle car excellence.


  • Contains Holes for Easy Mounting
  • Made from 14 Gauge Heavy Duty Steel
  • Flat not Embossed
  • Made in USA!
  • Official Dodge Licensed Product
  • Available Size: 20″ X 12″

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Dimensions 2 × 21 × 21 in
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