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Bird Sanctuary “Firebirds” Art Print by Michael Irvine


Bird Sanctuary is a piece by famed artist Michael Irvine. This collectors item is a beauty and a great addition to anyone’s garage or home.

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Bird Sanctuary Art Print by Michael Irvine Pontiac Firebirds

Suns out, “Bird Sanctuary” by Michael Irvine is a dazzling homage to the iconic muscle cars that roared to prominence in the 1960s and 70s, a period piece that marries American automotive power with the serene beauty of the desert. At first glance, the artwork is a riot of color, a vivid portrayal of a collection of Pontiac Firebirds in various states of repose against the backdrop of a sun-drenched, cacti-studded landscape.

The center of the composition is dominated by a pristine red Firebird Trans Am with the distinctive, instantly recognizable firebird decal upon its hood, a symbol that has come to represent the car’s spirit and performance. The car’s glossy finish reflects the bright desert sky, a technical showcase of Irvine’s skill with light and reflection, giving the image a three-dimensional quality that pulls the viewer into the scene.

Surrounding this centerpiece are more classic Firebirds, each rendered in meticulous detail that speaks to Irvine’s commitment to accuracy and authenticity. From the characteristic split grille to the sleek lines that speak of speed even when stationary, each car is a tribute to the era’s design ethos. These vehicles are not merely depicted; they are celebrated, their contours and colors popping against the earthy tones of the desert.

Michael Irvine Art Prints

But Irvine’s work is more than an assembly of classic cars. It’s a narrative captured in acrylic, a story of preservation and passion. The garage in the backdrop suggests a haven for these majestic birds of the road, a place where they are cared for and admired, away from the ravages of time and elements. The desert setting, with its rugged mountains and hardy flora, provides a contrast between the enduring natural world and the man-made mechanical marvels.

This piece is an essential acquisition for enthusiasts of classic American muscle cars, particularly those with an affinity for the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. It speaks to the collector, the historian, and the artist alike, offering a window into a time when cars were not just modes of transport, but symbols of freedom and adventure. “Bird Sanctuary” is not just art; it’s a tribute to a bygone era, captured on canvas for posterity.


  • Hand Signed & Numbered, Embossed with Studio Seal
  • Certificate Of Authenticity
  • 10 Point Satin Finish – Acid Free Stock
  • Only 800 Produced
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