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Husky Service Gasoline Sign


Husky Gasoline Service sign. This classic retro sign is manufactured from 22 gauge steel metal made right here in the USA. One of the very unique gas signs of the past. Great collectible for the gas sign collector or a Husky fan.

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Husky Gasoline Service Sign

Founded in 1938 in Cody, Wyoming, Husky Energy began its journey as the Husky Refining Company, emerging from the assets of the Park Refining Company. It was initially a small, family-owned venture under Glenn Nielsen, focused on providing road asphalt and bunker railway fuel to local industries. During World War II, Husky played a pivotal role, supplying bunker fuel for U.S. Navy ships, showcasing its early capability for large-scale production.

In the post-war era, Husky extended its operations to Canada, tapping into the heavy oil and asphalt market, thus starting its long affiliation with the Canadian energy landscape. The 1950s marked a significant transition as Husky’s American and Canadian entities became public companies, and by 1960, the Canadian division had acquired the U.S. unit, establishing Husky as a predominantly Canadian enterprise.

The Husky Refining Company

The subsequent decades were characterized by growth and shifts in ownership. The 1970s saw entrepreneur Bob Blair acquiring a controlling interest, followed by a major stake sale to Hong Kong investor Li Ka-Shing in 1987 amid financial challenges from expansion efforts. Today, Husky stands as a prominent Canadian-based integrated energy company, with its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. It has experienced the volatility of the energy market and recently joined forces with Cenovus Energy, aiming to create a more robust integrated energy leader. The company is recognized on the Toronto Stock Exchange, where its shares are traded.

Vintage Signs from Gas & Oil Brands Make A Retro Statement

The vintage service sign featuring the Husky emblem epitomizes the company’s early identity. The image of the leaping husky symbolizes durability, resilience, and forward motion—qualities that have steered the company through the fluctuating energy sector. This sign would have once been a beacon along roadsides, inviting travelers to experience the dependable services that Husky Gasoline was known for, much like the steadfast nature of the Siberian Husky breed it chose as its mascot.


  • Measures: Available in two sizes – 19″ x 24 and 34″ x 42″
  • Made in USA

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