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International Harvester “This is A Farm” Magnet


Capture the essence of farm heritage with the International Harvester “This is A Farm” magnet. Measuring 2″x3″, it’s a rustic nod to agricultural pride, featuring the iconic Harvester logo. Perfect for collectors and Americana enthusiasts, it’s a small yet bold statement piece for any metal surface.

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International Harvester “This is A Farm” Magnet

This particular magnet celebrates the enduring legacy of the International Harvester brand, a name synonymous with rugged farm machinery and a staple in agricultural communities worldwide. It boldly proclaims “THIS IS A FARM,” a statement that resonates with the pride and resolve of the farming profession. Central to the design is the International Harvester logo, its iconic red and black insignia encapsulating a history steeped in the development of farming technology. This logo once emblazoned the sides of tractors and combines that transformed rural landscapes and facilitated the labor-intensive work of generations of farmers.

With a classic color scheme, the magnet doesn’t just speak to a brand but to an entire way of life, where the machinery is as integral to the farmer’s daily routine as the soil they till. It’s a tribute to the industry’s past and a nod to its future, recognizing the unchanging spirit of those who work from sunrise to sunset to feed nations. Collectors of farm memorabilia, history enthusiasts, or anyone with a fondness for Americana would find this magnet a fitting addition to their collection, serving as a miniature homage to the agricultural backbone of society.

The wear and weathered look give it an authenticity, as if it has been plucked straight from the side of a barn or the door of a farmer’s market, bearing the marks of exposure to the elements, much like the farmers and the machines that the brand represents. It’s a piece that goes beyond mere decoration, embodying a narrative of resilience, innovation, and the timeless bond between man, machine, and the land.

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2'' x 3''

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