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Leth210 – Angry Skull


The 11 X 9 Angry Skull is a captivating display of artistry, exuding raw intensity. At 11 inches in height and 9 inches in width, this plasma creation showcases a fiercely detailed skull, radiating with an ethereal glow.

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The “Angry Skull” sign is a striking and bold emblem that immediately captures attention. The skull itself features intricate details, from the prominent, menacing brow ridges to the sharp, jagged teeth that exude a sense of fierceness. Its deep red eyes are piercing and filled with intensity, suggesting rage or perhaps a warning. The skull’s cranium displays a pattern reminiscent of cracked or weathered stone, adding a rugged and aged appearance.

Crossed behind the skull are two bones, solidifying the emblem’s association with traditional pirate flags and other symbols of danger or rebellion. The choice of grayscale for the skull and bones juxtaposed against the stark red of the eyes creates a strong visual contrast. The contoured outline around the entire design amplifies its presence and gives it a sticker-like quality.

This emblem is not just a mere decoration; it conveys a message of power, defiance, and possibly danger. It would not be out of place on a biker’s jacket, a rock band’s album cover, or any medium where a strong statement is needed. The meticulous detailing and aggressive design make the Angry Skull sign both captivating and memorable.

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