Porsche 1979 Racing Poster Le Mans 79


“Experience the thrill of racing history with this exquisite Porsche “Le Mans ’79” poster. Measuring 19.75″ x 25.5″, it captures the iconic event in vivid colors and dynamic design. Perfect for motorsport enthusiasts, this piece adds a touch of vintage elegance to any space.”

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Porsche 1979 Racing Poster Le Mans 79

The Porsche 1979 Racing Poster titled “Le Mans ’79” is a vibrant visual tribute to a defining moment in motorsport history. The poster is dominated by a stark contrast of deep blues, bright whites, and pops of red, capturing the spirit and excitement of the iconic Le Mans 24-hour endurance race held in 1979. At the forefront, a detailed illustration of the Porsche race car, adorned with the number “41,” showcases its sleek design and meticulous detailing, from the striking “MUMM” sponsorship logo to the glossy reflections on its white body. The vehicle is caught in a dynamic pose, appearing as if it’s just taken a turn at high speed, emphasizing the thrill and pace of the race.

Positioned above the car, bold typography spells out “Le Mans ’79”, with the typography itself echoing the dynamism and speed of the race. The use of varied font sizes and styles gives a modernistic feel, reminiscent of the design aesthetics prevalent in the late 1970s. Additionally, a list of race participants and their respective vehicles is neatly enumerated on the left, providing viewers with a snapshot of the competition and the vehicles that graced the track that year.

The poster also prominently features several sponsor logos such as “Bilstein,” “Bosch,” “Dunlop,” and “Shell,” paying homage to the various brands that played a pivotal role in the race’s success. These logos, paired with the stark color contrast, create a visual rhythm that guides the viewer’s eyes across the composition.

In essence, this poster is not just a piece of promotional material but an artistic representation of a significant event in Porsche’s racing legacy. It encapsulates the spirit of the Le Mans ’79 race, immortalizing the intense competition, the roaring engines, and the sheer adrenaline of the moment in a visually compelling format.

*The images shown here are not to scale, they are for illustration purposes only. The picture frame is not included.

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19.75'' x 25.5''

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