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Porsche 911 GT3 Art Print Poster


Elegantly showcasing the Porsche 911 GT3 lineage, this art print captures the evolution of an icon. With meticulously detailed illustrations in vibrant hues and concise specs, it’s a celebration of design and engineering. A must-have for Porsche enthusiasts, this poster effortlessly melds automotive history with contemporary artistry. Measures 30″ x 21″ Posters Porsche GT3 Models


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Porsche 911 GT3 Art Print Poster

The Porsche 911 GT3 Art Print Poster is a magnificent homage to the illustrious lineage of the 911 GT3 series. Showcasing a visually appealing array of GT3 models in detailed profile illustrations, the poster traces the evolution of one of Porsche’s most iconic and enduring models. Each car is meticulously depicted, showcasing the subtle design shifts and technological enhancements that have occurred over the years. From the sleek curvature of the fenders to the distinctive headlights and aerodynamic contours, the essence of the GT3 is brilliantly captured.

The color palette employed in this art piece is striking. Each car is rendered in a unique hue, a testament not only to the wide array of options available to Porsche aficionados but also to the vibrant history of the GT3 line. From gleaming silvers and classic whites to fiery reds and electrifying greens, the array of colors tells a story of individualism and bespoke luxury that Porsche is renowned for.

The poster’s layout is structured yet dynamic. Cars are arranged in a manner that draws the eye from one model to the next, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey through time. With concise specs located below each car, the poster serves as both an informative guide and a visual treat. It succinctly captures the GT3’s performance metrics, reminding viewers that beneath the beauty lies raw, unbridled power.

GT3 Art Print Poster

The bold “PORSCHE” branding at the top and the “GT3” insignia at the bottom anchor the design, reinforcing the brand’s legacy. For Porsche enthusiasts and automotive art collectors alike, this poster is more than just an art piece; it’s a celebration of engineering excellence, design evolution, and the undying spirit of motorsports that the GT3 encapsulates. A perfect addition to any space, it stands as a testament to the legendary stature of the Porsche 911 GT3 in the annals of automotive history.

Since its debut, the 911 has been a singular balance of pure heritage and technical advancement. Steve Anderson approached his art similarly, and always sought to create passionate, refined and intentional representations of these amazing machines.

In 2018 Steve was working on a new GT3 print.  With the help of his colleagues I’m proud to now be unveiling that important work, fully updated to current.  Steve was always true to the spirit of the cars, and this work is true to his own unique style –  a fitting tribute to the machine, and the man.

About Steve Anderson Illustrations Posters

Steve has been a car nut since childhood and decided early on to pursue a career in car design. Like most “car shaders”, he attended Art Center College of Design and has since enjoyed employment with Volkswagen, Nissan, General Motors and Audi.  Some of his career highlights have been to be involved with the creation of the New Beetle, Nissan’s Z and Titan, GM’s (Pontiac) Solstice, SoCal Belly Tanker, the EcoJet supercar for Jay Leno and his last project, Audi’s PB18-etron that was rolled out in Monterey August 2018.

The work you see here is the result of Steve pursuing the art of automotive illustration on an “after hours” basis. It started back in 1996 with his involvement in Zone 8 Porsche Club of America and an owner’s request that create a sketch of his car. Steve soon landed on a sort of signature style which can best be described as “documentary”.

His goal was to try to tell a car’s story and create something of a visual certificate of authenticity (in fact many owners have asked him to incorporate their own Heritage Certificate or Manufacturers window sticker). Steve pursued this endeavor because he enjoyed the cars and  the people he got to know.   Steve was an amazing husband and father to five children.  (Cole, Sydney, Claire, Kate, Rhys)  While the custom illustration work will not go on without Steve, my goal is to continue Steve’s legacy and the love he had for automotive design.  All the images you will see here represent years of work.  I hope you enjoy it as much as he enjoyed creating it.

-Kerry Anderson

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