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Porsche at Laguna Seca CAN-AM Racing Poster


“Experience the golden era of motorsport with this captivating Porsche Laguna Seca CAN-AM Racing Poster. Measuring 19.75″ x 25.5″, this premium quality poster captures the speed, innovation, and passion of 1972’s iconic race. A perfect addition to any racing enthusiast’s collection or as a standout piece in any room.”

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Porsche at Laguna Seca CAN-AM Racing Poster

The Porsche Laguna Seca CAN-AM Racing Poster prominently commemorates a pivotal event that took place on October 15, 1972. Boldly stamped across the top in vibrant colors are the words “Laguna Seca CAN-AM”, a nod to the iconic racing series and the famed Californian race circuit, Laguna Seca. This racing event was a pinnacle of motor racing during its era, showcasing advanced machinery and drawing racing enthusiasts from around the world.

Centered on the poster, we see a striking black and white photograph of a Porsche 917/10 Turbo, a formidable race car that represents Porsche’s expertise and commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive design and performance. Its aerodynamic silhouette is emphasized with pronounced spoilers, and the intricate details like the “Goodyear” tires and the “L&M” sponsor logo provide an authentic touch to the period it represents. The car’s design embodies speed, precision, and engineering excellence. Its appearance, with the dramatic white against the contrasting dark background, seems almost to be frozen in a moment of high-speed action, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the CAN-AM series.

To the right, a list of names and corresponding Porsche models gives a nod to the leading competitors in the event, from Follmer’s Porsche 917/10 Turbo to Kwech’s Porsche 911. The detailed lineup is a subtle testimony to Porsche’s dominance in the CAN-AM series during this time, showcasing a range of its high-performance vehicles.

The poster is not just a visual treat but a historical artifact that transports the viewer back to a golden era of motorsport. It captures the essence of a time when racing was not just about speed but also innovation, strategy, and the sheer passion of drivers and their teams. This piece is undoubtedly a tribute to Porsche’s legacy in racing and a must-have for enthusiasts who cherish the rich history of motor racing. The images shown here are not to scale, they are for illustration purposes only.

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