Rebel Rousin’ Hot Rodders Route 66 Garage Banner


Rebel Rousin’ Hot Rodders Route 66 Garage Banner from the collection of artist Larry Grossman shows a classic station from long ago. This sign measures 4.5ft x 6ft Large format vinyl garage banner. Stunning garage wall art that will make your eyes pop. Printed to order with a 7-14 day lead time. Shipped in a cardboard tube to keep it protected during shipment


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Please note that this sign is made specifically for your order and usually requires 7-14 business days for production.

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Rebel Rousin’ Hot Rodders Route 66 Garage Banner

Larry Grossman’s artistic prowess is unmistakably evident in this evocative banner, titled “Rebel Rousin’ Rodders on Rt. 66.” The image paints a vivid tableau of an era gone by, capturing the quintessential spirit of Americana in the mid-20th century. At the heart of this scene is a pristine “Richfield” gas station, crowned by its iconic blue eagle, a symbol that resonates with nostalgia for many. The golden-yellow pumps stand tall and proud, harking back to a time when Route 66 was the lifeline of America, and gas stations like these were the pulse points that kept it alive.

The meticulously detailed hot rods are nothing short of a visual feast. Their polished chrome finishes, gleaming under the sun, and the vibrant palette of colors — from fiery reds to cool blues — are a testament to the car culture of the era. Each vehicle possesses its own character, hinting at the stories and adventures they’ve seen and been a part of. One can almost hear the deep rumble of their engines and the spirited conversations of their proud owners.

Amidst these machines, a group of individuals adds life and dynamism to the setting. Their casual stances and period-appropriate attire provide a glimpse into the relaxed and convivial atmosphere of the time. The inclusion of iconic brands, like Coca-Cola, further reinforces the authenticity of the era Grossman seeks to portray.

The distant rocky backdrop and clear azure skies create a serene contrast to the bustling foreground, emphasizing the juxtaposition of nature’s timelessness with human-made dynamism. In essence, Grossman’s banner is more than just a piece of art; it’s a window into the past, a moment frozen in time, capturing the essence of a bygone era with passion, precision, and panache.

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