Remington Right Of Way Autoloading Rifle Tin Sign


Remington Right Of Way Autoloading Rifle Tin Sign measures 16×12.5″ and made with tin.

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Remington Right Of Way Autoloading Rifle Tin Sign

Remington Right of Way Sign is a vintage advertisement for the “Remington Autoloading Rifle.” In the foreground, a rugged outdoorsman, clad in traditional hunting attire from the early 20th century, stands poised on a rocky ledge. He holds the aforementioned rifle, emphasizing its importance and functionality in this wilderness setting. Just a few feet away, a menacing bear, mouth agape and teeth bared, rears up on its hind legs, confronting the man.

Remington Right Of Way Sign

The looming mountainous landscape in the background, painted in muted blues and grays, gives a sense of the vast and untamed wilderness. The dramatic scene encapsulates the dangers of the wild and portrays the Remington rifle as an essential tool for survival and protection. The vivid red lettering of the brand name stands out sharply against the muted colors of the natural surroundings, ensuring that the product remains the focal point. The artwork is reminiscent of the style prevalent during the early 1900s, capturing the essence of adventure, risk, and the pioneering spirit of the era.

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