Richfield Richlube Motor Oil Sign


The Richfield Richlube Motor Oil Sign with a really unique design, classic to Richfield. This sign measures 24″ x 36″ and is made with heavy gauge steel.

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Richfield Richlube Motor Oil Sign

The Richfield Richlube Motor Oil sign is a captivating artifact that transports viewers back to the golden age of automobiles and the oil industry’s booming years. Its dominant, rich blue backdrop and striking yellow lettering immediately capture the attention, creating a contrast that must have been an immediate draw for customers of the past. The name “RICHLUBE,” prominently emblazoned in bold, is an ode to the Richfield Oil Company, a significant player in the early American oil industry. The vintage aura of the sign, accentuated by the backdrop of white bricks, paints a nostalgic picture of mid-century gas stations and roadside mechanics.

A key highlight of the sign is the assertion “100% Pure Pennsylvania,” which signifies the importance and prestige of Pennsylvania crude oil during that era. Pennsylvania, historically known for its rich oil reserves, symbolized quality and trust in the realm of motor oils. This declaration not only showcases the oil’s purity but also its American origin, which could have been a significant selling point in the days of growing national pride and industrialization.

The Era of Oil Company Marketing Signs

The emblem at the center of the sign, showcasing the iconic Richlube logo with the depiction of a feather, is emblematic of the oil’s lightweight and superior lubrication qualities. This imagery, combined with the proclamation “Premium Grade” and “All-Weather Motor Oil,” emphasizes the brand’s commitment to quality and its capability to perform efficiently under varied climatic conditions.

The sign, in all its vintage glory, is more than just an advertisement; it’s a testament to a period when branding was in its nascent stages, and the importance of trust and quality in products was paramount. It represents a time when motor oil wasn’t just a commodity, but a symbol of progress, adventure, and the promise of the open road. Such pieces are invaluable, not just for their aesthetic appeal but for the rich history and stories they encapsulate.

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