Route 66 California Road Sign Double Sided Vintage Sign


Route 66 California Road sign double dided with hanger measures 15 inches by 15 inches and weighs in at 2 lb(s). This Shield Metal Sign is hand made in the USA using heavy gauge American steel.

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Route 66 California Road Double Sided Sign

The allure of California’s iconic Route 66 is undeniably captivating, with its storied history and sweeping landscapes. This fascination is elegantly encapsulated in the beautifully crafted “California U.S. 66” double sided hanging sign showcased in the image. Hanging signs, particularly double sided ones, are designed to ensure visibility from multiple directions, making them an ideal choice for establishments and locations that cater to traffic from various angles. The Double Sided Hanging Signs, such as this, are not only functional but also add a touch of vintage charm and aesthetic appeal to any setting.

The sign, characterized by its crisp white background and bold black lettering, proudly displays “California” at its top, signifying the state’s integral connection to this legendary highway. Beneath it, the unmistakable “US 66” is prominently featured, reminding onlookers of the nostalgia and adventures that this road has offered to countless travelers over the decades. The design, though seemingly simple, speaks volumes of the rich tapestry of stories and experiences that Route 66 has woven into American culture.

Double Sided Hanging Signs Are All The Rage!

Moreover, the utility of such signs extends beyond mere wall hangings. Double sided hanging yard signs, for instance, are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial spaces. They provide essential information or directions while ensuring that the message is clear, no matter which direction one approaches from. In the context of this Route 66 sign, placing it as a yard sign would not only serve an informative purpose but would also add a touch of historic elegance to any outdoor space.

In essence, the double sided sign  honoring the historic “Route 66” is not just a mere sign. It is a symbol. A symbol of historic journeys, of the spirit of exploration, and of the timeless allure of the open road. Whether displayed as a hanging sign in an interior space or as a yard sign outdoors, it serves as a constant reminder of the rich heritage and endless possibilities that the famed Route 66 continues to represent.

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