Washington Chief Gasoline Sign – GA221


Washington Chief Gasoline sign. This sign is a Limited production 42″ inch gauge metal. Pre drilled mounting holes. This is one beautiful vintage gas sign for the ultimate sign collector.

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Washington Chief Gasoline Sign

The Washington Chief Gasoline sign is a vibrant and nostalgic piece of Americana, encapsulating the spirit of early to mid-20th-century advertising. Its circular shape, a common design choice for such signs, embodies a sense of inclusiveness and community, harking back to a time when local service stations were gathering points for travelers and neighbors alike.

The sign’s color palette is striking, with a bold use of red, white, blue, and yellow, echoing the colors of the United States flag, which invokes a sense of national pride and identity. These colors are not just patriotic but are also meant to be eye-catching, ensuring that the sign captures the attention of motorists and pedestrians from a distance.

Central to the design is a profile depiction of a Native American chief, rendered with a traditional feather headdress in bright yellow, red, and white, which stands out against the blue background. This figure is both a namesake and a mascot, a common marketing strategy of the time, aiming to evoke the ruggedness and adventure associated with the American West. The chief’s image is accompanied by a white cross, an emblem likely intended to symbolize trust and reliability.

Surrounding the chief are the names of four states – Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Washington – suggesting the regional presence of the Washington Chief Gasoline brand. The use of the word ‘Chief’ in bold, yellow capital letters on a red background further emphasizes the brand’s identity, making it stand out. Below, the word ‘GASOLINE’ is presented in white against a vivid red, ensuring the product being advertised is unmistakably clear.

This sign would have served as a beacon for Washington Chief Gasoline’s service stations, promising quality fuel and service. It is a snapshot of its era, reflecting both the design sensibilities and cultural motifs prevalent in the marketing practices of its day. As an artifact, it not only advertised a product but also told a story of regional pride and the golden age of the American road trip.


  • Made to Order
  • Measures 42″ in diameter
  • Made in USA

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