Whistle Soda Brand Vintage Distressed Sign


This beautifully crafted Whistle Soda Brand sign with its distressed, vintage appearance is very well made. The Vess’ Soda Company created numerous flavors for soda, specializing in cola and fruit. The popular orange flavored, Whistle Soda originated in the 1920s and became very popular in the Midwest. Invented by Charles Grigg, who worked for the manufacturing company, went on to market his first Whistle soft drink for the Vess Soda Company. Grigg from there developed and produced the 7Up flavor.

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Whistle Soda Brand Vintage Distressed Sign

The sign presents an enticing call to action for anyone with a craving for a sweet, bubbly refreshment. “Thirsty?” it asks in a playful, bold font at the top, directly addressing the viewer’s potential desire for a drink. The word “Just” serves as a prelude to the much larger, attention-grabbing “WHISTLE” written in a font that’s both robust and whimsical, its size commanding attention.


  • Measures 5″ x 20″
  • Made in USA

The color scheme evokes the effervescence and excitement of sipping on a cold soda on a hot day. Weathered edges and a distressed texture give the sign a vintage feel, hinting at a rich history and a time-tested appeal. It’s as if the sign has witnessed decades of summers, family gatherings, and quick stops at a local diner for a refreshing soda.

At the bottom, the text “REGISTERED U.S. PAT. OFF.” adds an official touch, grounding the brand in authenticity and a sense of establishment in the beverage world. This sign does more than just advertise a product; it evokes a sense of nostalgia and a promise of enjoyment, all wrapped up in the simple act of enjoying a Whistle soda.

Whistle Soda Brand Vintage Distressed Sign

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5'' x 20''

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