“Coke Cop” School Attendant Days

The “Coke Cop” Sign

As collectors we are always on the search for signs that are unique and have the wow factor. One of those signs we believe is the Coca-Cola Policeman Crossing Sign What makes this sign a real standout is its size, shape and the colors of the policeman crossing guard. Originally produced and released in the 1950’s as a promotional piece for Coca-Cola.  This was a very popular item for schools all over the country to warn drivers of an upcoming school and crosswalk The back side of the sign showed a Coke bottle and the words Thank You and Resume Speed. The original signs stand 5’ tall and have the Coke-Cola name cast in the base with a date stamp at the bottom (IE. A-M 1-56) What a ingenious marketing idea for its time that appealed to the kids, schools and local communities. The original signs are rare however can be found in the $2500.00 – $3500.00 range Garage Art has steel reproductions in sizes up to 60” from $40.00 to $250.00.

By: Steve Johnson (Founder of Garage Art)