History of Delco Batteries

Batteries signs do not carry as much history as some of the old gas signs however the Delco Batteries might be an exception.   The history of Delco Batteries started with “The Remy Brothers” of The Remy Electric Company in 1896. They were one of the very early American companies producing magnetos for the auto manufacturers and the created the 1st automotive started in 1913.

 In 1916 The Remy Electric company was purchased by United Motors who was a holding company.  In 1918 United Motors was then purchased by General Motors and Delco Remy Corporation was established in 1926 as a division of General Motors.  In 1928 the current suppliers of batteries were Willard, Exide, USL And Preto-Lite. The batteries were sold to the car manufacturers as a loss leader in order to establish market share at the retail level. Delco Remy was able to establish a n production process that met the current OEM prices and still make a profit.  Delco batteries was introduced in 1945 and really hit stride in 1966 with the introduction of the Delco Energizer Battery. This design with a  1-piece plastic top and the Delco eye for checking the charge was a hit.  Delco Batteries signs are circa 1939 and hold a collector value due to their size (70” x 18” ) and color. We believe that these carry an incredible collector value due to current selling prices. At the 2020 Mecum Kissimmee auction  one was sold for $900.00 with an estimate of $2000.00.  Reproduction signs are available here at Garage Art!