Enco Gasoline Sign


These sign are made with heavy 18 gauge steel

The Enco brand first appeared on gasoline and motor oil products of Jersey Standard affiliates, including Carter Oil in the Northwestern U.S., as well as Pate Oil and Oklahoma Oil in the Midwest during the summer and fall of 1960, shortly after the parent company reorganized all its domestic marketing and refining operations to former Texas-based subsidiary Humble Oil and Refining Company. In 1961, the Enco brand was introduced at Humble stations in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona – both for the stations and gasoline/oil products, as was the case in California and some other western states where Humble opened stations for the first time. The Enco brand was also rolled out for gasoline/oil products at Humble’s Texas stations, which retained Humble as the station brand until that was converted to Enco in 1962. However, one state, Ohio, used “Humble” because Sohio refused to allow use of the Enco name, due to its similarity to “Esso”

Humble’s advertisements promoted the Enco brand as short for “Energy Company.” From 1961 to 1972, Enco advertising and promotional efforts were the same as Esso’s in the eastern U.S. including the use of the Humble name in advertisements along with the “Happy Motoring!” tagline used by Esso for decades, and the “Put A Tiger In Your Tank” ad campaign introduced nationwide in 1964. Logotypes for Enco and Esso were identical ovals with blue outer edge and red lettering with white background.

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