Fisk “Re-Tire Kid” Tire Sign


Fisk’s Re-Tire Kid Sign is a past-time piece from an era long forgotten. Available in 3 different sizes. Select a size below and buy a piece of history!

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“Re-Tire Kid” A Timeless Icon

In the world of advertising, creating a memorable and enduring brand image is no small feat. The Fisk Tire Company, founded in 1898, accomplished just that with its iconic “Re-Tire Kid” advertising campaign. This lovable character played a significant role in cementing Fisk’s place in the hearts and minds of American consumers.

The “Re-Tire Kid” made his debut in the early 20th century. This cherubic character, a mischievous young boy, became synonymous with Fisk Tires. His simple message, “Time to Re-Tire,” was a play on words that cleverly tied the act of replacing worn-out tires with the need to “retire” the old ones. The brilliance of the “Re-Tire Kid” campaign lay in its versatility. This character appeared in various settings, each time conveying the same message with humor and charm. Some ads depicted the boy atop a crescent moon, peering through a telescope, as if to say, “I see you need new tires.” Others showed him warning motorists of the perils of driving on worn-out rubber. The “Re-Tire Kid” became an integral part of American culture.

His image adorned billboards, magazine ads, and promotional materials. Motorists came to recognize and trust this endearing figure as a symbol of the quality and safety associated with Fisk Tires. Over the years, Fisk’s advertising team continued to evolve the “Re-Tire Kid” character to keep him fresh and relevant. His enduring presence in the marketing world is a testament to the campaign’s success. The “Re-Tire Kid” has not only left an indelible mark on advertising history but has also achieved pop culture status.

Collectors eagerly seek out vintage Fisk Tire memorabilia featuring this beloved character. Today, the “Re-Tire Kid” remains a cherished symbol of American advertising history, showcasing how a simple, clever, and endearing character can become a timeless brand icon. The legacy of the Fisk Tire “Re-Tire Kid” serves as a reminder of the power of memorable and relatable advertising campaigns in forging lasting connections with consumers.


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