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Flying “A” Motor Oil Key Hanger Vintage Sign


This Flying A Gasoline Key Hanger plasma metal sign measures 14 inches by 10 inches and weighs 2lb(s). This sign is hand made in the USA using heavy gauge American steel and a process known as sublimation, where the image is baked into a powder coating for a durable and long lasting finish.

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Flying “A” Motor Oil Key Hanger Vintage Sign

The Flying “A” Motor Oil brand’s undeniable branding on a key hanger with a vintage appearance. Who knew? This sign with a vintage aesthetic that immediately transports one back to the mid-20th century, an era when the automotive industry was soaring, and the open road symbolized freedom. The sign’s predominant red and black color scheme, accentuated with white lettering, creates a striking visual that is both attention-grabbing and nostalgic.

The key rack’s design mirrors the classic American gas station memorabilia, where the Flying A brand was a beacon for motorists. At the top, the rounded insignia with the “Flying A Service” emblem and the winged motif speaks to the swift and elevated service ethos that the brand aspired to deliver. The wings, symbolic of speed and carefree travel, suggest that Flying A was a patron of the great American road trip, fueling not just vehicles but the adventures of countless travelers.

Below the insignia, the words “Mechanic on Duty” flank a directional arrow, pointing to the primary service advertised: “Garage Oil Change.” This straightforward and service-oriented message underlines the functionality and no-nonsense approach of service stations of the past. The bold, capitalized font of “GARAGE OIL CHANGE” serves as a clear announcement of the available services, underscoring the reliability and utilitarian focus of auto service stations at the time.

Hang Your Keys With a Touch Of Vintage

The practical aspect of the sign is highlighted by the actual hooks below, which serve as key holders. This feature integrates the sign’s decorative appeal with a functional purpose, turning it into a useful item for organizing keys in a home, garage, or automotive business. The inclusion of keys hanging from the hooks in the image suggests its continued use in a contemporary setting, bridging the gap between its historical significance and modern-day utility.

Flying A Motor Oil Key Hanger

The worn look of the sign, with its weathered edges and faded colors, adds authenticity and character, implying a rich history of use. Such signs were more than mere advertisements; they were integral to the visual and cultural landscape of the highways and local roads they adorned. This particular piece, with its retro charm and functional design, serves not just as wall art but as a tangible piece of Americana. It represents an era when car culture was in its heyday, and gas stations were local hubs of activity and social interaction. The Flying A key hanger sign stands as a tribute to the history of American automotive service and the lasting impact of the era’s design and cultural values.

Flying "A" Motor Oil Key Hanger Vintage Sign

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14'' x 10''

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