Porsche Logo Crest Neon Sign


This Porsche Neon sign is incredible. One of my all time favorite motor brands and the badge is simply a work of art! This sign measures 45″ x 34″ and is 100% Made in the USA!

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Porsche Logo Crest Neon Sign

Illuminate your space with a touch of class and power – the Porsche Neon Sign is a dazzling homage to one of the world’s most prestigious automobile brands. Designed to capture the essence of luxury and performance that Porsche represents, this sign is not just a light fixture; it’s a statement piece.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the sign features a striking combination of vibrant colors and bold shapes. The central element is the iconic Porsche crest, a symbol of excellence and tradition. Rendered in a luminous gold, the crest stands out against the backdrop of the sign, with the rearing black horse of Stuttgart at its heart, signifying the brand’s roots in the heart of Germany’s automotive industry.

Surrounding the crest, the red, black, and white segments create a dynamic visual impact, mirroring the German national colors and reinforcing the brand’s heritage. The red portion serves as a vivid reminder of the power and passion that goes into every Porsche vehicle, while the black adds depth and sophistication. The white stripes provide a clean contrast, reminiscent of the finish line that so many Porsche cars have crossed first.

The neon lighting adds a retro yet timeless feel, perfect for any garage, showroom, or lounge area. The warm glow of the neon brings the sign to life, casting a soft light that enhances the ambiance of its surroundings. This sign is not just lighting; it’s an experience, designed to evoke the thrill of the open road and the roar of a high-performance engine.

Durability is key in the design of this neon sign. Made in the USA, it is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and resistance to wear. The glass tubes are hand-bent by skilled artisans, ensuring each sign is unique and has its own character.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a collector, or simply someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, the Porsche Neon Sign is a must-have. It serves as a striking tribute to the legacy of Porsche, bringing a piece of automotive history into your home or business. This sign isn’t just a light; it’s a beacon for those who live with speed, elegance, and power at the forefront of their lifestyle.

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