Wolf’s Head Oil Sign 30″ x 14″


Wolf’s Head Oil Sign measures 30″ x 14″ and is made with heavy gauge steel.

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Wolf’s Head Oil Sign

Wolf’s Head Oil, with its iconic emblem, stands as a symbol of legacy in the lubricant and motor oil industry. This vintage sign, proudly emblazoned with the assertive image of a wolf’s profile, accompanied by the bold declaration of “100% Pennsylvania Motor Oil,” harks back to an era where branding and product identity were paramount. The choice of the wolf, a creature often associated with instinct, intelligence, and an untamed spirit, aptly symbolizes the power and reliability that the company aimed to convey about their product.

Set against a backdrop of stark black and white, the deep red of the wolf’s silhouette not only grabs attention but also serves as a beacon of quality assurance. Pennsylvania, a state historically linked to the birth and boom of the American oil industry, lends its name to the brand, further solidifying the sign’s promise of top-tier quality. This association implies that the motor oil is not just any ordinary product, but one derived from the heart of America’s oil country, assuring users of its premium grade.

100% Pennsylvania Motor Oil

Moreover, the context of the sign – the rugged brick wall – gives a nod to the industrial era where machinery and motors were integral to growth and development. The sign, in its essence, is not just an advertisement for a motor oil brand, but a snapshot of a period. It speaks of times when motor vehicles were becoming an essential part of American life, and the demand for reliable motor oil was on the rise. Wolf’s Head Oil, through its sign, aimed to position itself as the go-to choice for discerning customers looking for the best in the market. It’s a testament to the power of branding and design, where a simple sign could convey so much about a product’s identity, promise, and legacy.

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